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Apr 23

Written by: OCB Staff 4/23/2012 9:47 AM 


Level I - First PlaceAbigail McNaughton, a student at the Birchwood School in Cleveland. Her letter was addressed to author Armstrong Sperry and concerned his Newbery Award winning book, Call it Courage

Level I - Second Place: Lillianna Romaker, of St. Timothy's School in Columbus, who wrote to author Joanne "Jo" Rowling OBE FRSL about her Harry Potter series.

Level I - Third Place: Christopher Haddad, a student at the Birchwood School in Cleveland, who wrote to author Bette Bao Lord about her book, In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson.

Level I - Semifinalist: Natalyn Kaser, a student at the Central Intermediate School in Wadsworth, wrote to author Sarah Weeks about her book, As Simple as it Seems.  

Level I - Semifinalist: David Potts, a student at the Holy Angels School in Sidney, wrote to author James Dashner about his book, the Death Cure.

Level I - Semifinalist: Rae Russell, a student at the Birchwood school in Cleveland, who wrote to author Sharon Draper about her book, Out of My Mind.

Level II, First Place: Natalie Keyes, for the letter to Isaac Asimov, for the short story "Eyes Do More Than See."




Level II, Second Place: Paris Hudson, of the Hannah Gibbons Nottingham Elementary School, for the letter to Sharon Draper, for the Hazelwood High Trilogy.  Her sponsor in the LAL contest was Adrienne Khan.

Level III, First Place: Audrey Coble, for the letter to Chuck Palahniuk, for Fight Club.

Level III, Second Place: Lynn Desamours, of the Reynoldsburg High School, for the letter to Ellen Hopkins, for Perfect. Her LAL contest sponsor is Linda Young.

For a complete listing of all winners and semi-finalists, click "Read More."


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